Virtual Tour of the 7 Best Vegan Restaurants London

Hola Vegans! It’s time to say Hi to London — The most thriving vegan epicenter in the UK with the best Vegan Restaurants

Yes, it’s no more like the time when you would fancy a good plant-based restaurant and would get zero suggestions for your google search. Time travels swiftly and it’s the time when London has more than over 150 vegan restaurant options with exquisite vegan meals curated just for your tastebuds.

Veganism is not a fad and is here to stay like rock-solid. With an ever-growing demand from all over the world, we believed that it’s time we curate a list of the vegan restaurants in the capital for an exquisite experience.

But before we get to that, we believe that you should understand the deep roots of veganism in London to have a wholesome experience.

What do you think is the reason behind this meteoric rise in vegan food outlets in London?

Why is London the hub of Vegan Restaurants?


With Veganism on an all-time high in the UK’s dining scene, there is no way London could sit back and watch.

With records of half a million Brits signing up to Veganuary in 2021, London had to widen its horizons and its vegan offerings to the meat-free eaters. The number of vegan eaters quadrupled in the years 2014-2018, which made Veganism a mainstream lifestyle in London. This led to London becoming the most vegan-friendly city across the globe with 100 vegan restaurants in 2017, as per HappyCow ( the biggest vegan and vegetarian restaurant guide all over the world).

In addition, people’s growing motives for turning vegan are also marked by – animal welfare, environmental concerns, and personal health – which is gradually accompanied by a never-ending array of new business startups, vegan restaurants, vegan fast-food chains, trendy vegan events, festivals, and even social vegan nights.

So now, for Londoners, Kale is the new Kebab!

Now that you know why London is going to be your best pick for a vegan restaurant, buckle up for a visual culinary ride to some of the finest restaurants that specialize in stunning plant-based delights.

Top 7 Vegan Restaurants in London to not miss, being a Vegan

Being a vegan and finding a restaurant that caters to your needs is one of life’s greatest pleasures. With so many options strewn across the city, vegans will be relieved to learn that they are not left out when it comes to exquisite vegan dining experiences.

  1. Genesis, Shoreditch

If one goes about searching “vegan restaurants Shoreditch”, there is no way the research results would dare to skip this name!

The Genesis restaurant concept is built entirely on 100% plant-based chemistry. It is a cozy café offering a variety of options to choose from if you’re wanting a delicious plant-based, dairy-free diet. From seitan shawarma, fries to fried avocado tacos, the menu takes you on a fast-paced world tour. What more? It is the UK’s only organic bar that serves you a range of handcrafted cocktails to elevate your visit.

  1. Pied A Terre

This spectacular vegan restaurant in Central London recently got crowned for being the number one Vegan tasting experience in the UK.

It offers its guests a unique plant-based food menu that is thoughtfully created & beautifully presented by the executive chef Asimakis and his team. On visiting the restaurant, you are bound to experience unforgettable pure plant-based nutritional creativity in the exquisite dishes ranging from dainty portions of organic spelled, saffron and spring onion risotto to Honeydew Melon and Mint Gazpacho with Little Cornish Leaf Salad. Yes, these just don’t sound fancy but taste divine too.

  1. Purezza

Looking for Vegan Pizza in London?

Look no further! These plant pioneers are redefining Italian cuisine with cruelty-free ingredients.

It offers an extensive vegan pizza menu, which includes its recipe of mozzarella made from brown rice, which is unrivaled. The restaurant adds a richer, deeper flavor to the dough and turns it into a stylish shade of green you are going to crave. The One That’s Telling Porkies is their must-have for the vegan lovers out there!. It is a cheesy, meaty nirvana without any cheese or meat. They make marinated pulled BBQ pieces for this one. Pair it with punchy sun-dried tomatoes and rich, earthy wild forest mushrooms. Vegan cheese and a vegan dough. What’s not to love?

Also, for days you wish to have Pureezza pizza at home and want to complement it with delicious vegan pasta. Just like the ones at some fancy restaurant, here’s an easy yet mouthwatering vegan pasta recipe on the Plantiful app for you to try out!

  1. The Vurger Co.

If we’re talking about Vegan junk food, the Vurger Co. should be next on your list!

With a focus on fresh vegetables and the creation of delectable vegan burgers, chicken nibbles, salad bowls, and fries. There’s something for everyone that visits it (vegan or not vegan). Not only that, it has the best vegan shakes in town. At this lively, vibrant venture with a unique ambiance, meatless burgers are given creative treatment. They’re heavenly treats that are revolutionizing fast food through the power of plants!

This is surely the go-to place if you want a dreamy vegan burger. It also offers vegan wine and craft beer. As well as decadent biscoff and salted popcorn shakes to add on to your dreamy bubble.

However, if you’re still lazy to step out and have a juicy burger, here’s an amazing way you can prep the best vegan burger at home with our Plantiful app and enjoy every bite of it.

  1. The Gate

Situated in Marylebone, St John’s Wood, Hammersmith, and Islington, The Gate was feeding vegans long before it was even fashionable.

It specializes in Indo-Iraqi Jewish food with a 90 percent plant-based menu. Located at one of the luxurious corners behind Marble Arch. The Gate is a vegan and vegetarian oasis of distinct flavors. The Gate is a fantastic opportunity to dance to the beat of the beetroot. Explode with happiness like a luscious borate. It does not disappoint on the drinks — All the wines it serves are vegan, and many are natural and organic.

  1. All Nations Vegan House

If you are a fan of Caribbean food and practice veganism, All Nations Vegan House is the place to be.

It is a lively family-owned Caribbean restaurant in Dalston. This restaurant delivers 100% plant-based Italian cuisine that pays respect to the owners’ Rastafari roots. All the dishes speak volumes of plant-based meals — It prepares a variety of rice, bean, and vegetable meals. The treats are refined sugar-free. If you order the ackee and mushroom, you may never ask for saltfish again.

  1. Gauthier

Looking for luxury vegan dining in London?

Gauthier is Michelin-star vegan fine dining in London. This exceptionally fancy restaurant has received numerous awards. This including the 2016 PETA Vegan Food Awards for ‘Best Vegan Menu.’ at 2016 PETA Vegan Food Awards. Alexis Gauthier, the chef-patron of this French fine-dining establishment, has been vegan since 2016. His menu has been updated to reflect this.

You should order and try some meals such as the wild mushroom tortellini, saffron-roasted butternut squash with a plantain crumble. It is bound to surprise you with its unique plant-based offerings.

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