Health and Environmental Benefits of Vegan Diet

While there are various reasons behind people taking to a vegan diet (such as losing weight, getting healthier, making the world a kinder place, etc), following a vegan diet is associated with a range of potential benefits. Hence, Veganism is on the rise and more and more, famous names are getting added to the vegan list by the day.

Whether it’s about improving your lifestyle or about putting less stress on the environment, it’s a huge lifestyle change. Such a huge change requires you to be more educated about the benefits it can reap, both to your health and the environment around you, to hold your vegan ground strong.

This blog is going to shed some light on some of the benefits that a vegan diet offers.

Health Benefits of Going Vegan that will Make You Never Look Back


Look around and you will witness an ever-growing bank of research is emphasizing health concerns. It’s linked to eating meat, dairy, and eggs, and the benefits associated with a vegan diet.

Yes, it is even said that going vegan can help you live a longer and healthier life. Here’s how:

  1. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

A vegan diet keeps your heart health in check. A rich vegan diet includes the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Essential nutrients such as fiber and antioxidant vitamins have been linked to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  1. It promotes Weight Loss

According to a study, vegans are up to 20 pounds lighter than meat-eaters. A plant-based diet helps maintain a healthy weight and makes you look sexy and feel sexy at the same time.

  1. It Reduces the Risk of Cancer

According to a review, following a vegan diet can lower your chances of cancer by 15%. A Vegan diet includes considerably more legumes, fruits, and vegetables, all sources that provide the body with the right nutrition.

  1. It improves your Metabolism

  2. It lowers the risk of Diabetes

A plant-based diet appears to be reducing the risk of diabetes and even reversing the condition as it lowers the A1C levels.

Environmental Benefits of Going Vegan That Can Save the Planet


Well, that’s not it. Veganism is beyond just health benefits!

One of the common reasons for people turning vegan is because of their love for animals and to curb animal cruelty. But here are more environmental benefits of a plant-based diet we believe you should know:

  1. It Conserves Water

A huge percentage of earth’s water is used for agriculture and producing a pound of beef itself requires 100-200 pounds more water than growing a pound of plants. Imagine, the level of water conservation you can help with, by turning a vegan.

  1. It Protects the Soil

Raising animals for consumption leads to erosion and nutritional depletion of soil, as well as desertification and deforestation. Moving to a plant-based diet can help you contribute your part to saving the soil.

Here’s an environmental film that none should miss out on as it gives everyone hope. A hope to make the planet a better place to live in. It is bound to inspire you to restore this beautiful Earth and contribute your bit.

  1. It reduces Energy Consumption

It takes a lot of energy to raise livestock as raising animals takes a long time; they consume a lot of food grown on land that could have been used for something else. Meat products are required to be shipped and refrigerated. Meat takes a long time to process from slaughterhouse to kitchen table. All this energy gets saved when people switch to a vegan diet.

  1. It reduces pollution and purifies the air

All of the world’s livestock pollute the air more than all of the automobiles, and other forms of transportation combined. Plants, on the other hand, help to purify the air.

  1. It reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions

A study confirmed that every time a person turns vegan, he can contribute to reducing the number of greenhouse emissions by up to 60%.

Get Set to Jump On Board With Veganism

A small kitchen, our healthy mindset, our love for the planet, and a big appetite for a wide variety of plant-based foods — is all that got us here today. We care for your health and the environment just as much as you do!

That’s exactly why we love to share our experiences, knowledge. A variety of vegan recipes, ranging from nourishing meals to delicious desserts that we love to prepare together. All of our dishes have one thing in common: they’re all vegan and delicious!

We’re here for a plant-based diet inspiration for you and we hope you enjoy your experience with us. Download our Plantiful app to enjoy veganism every day.


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