We make cooking easy and delicious. On a mission to empower people to cook easy and vibrant plant-based recipes.

We make cooking easy and delicious

On a mission to empower people to cook easy and vibrant plant-based recipes.

Our team

We are a team of two, partners in crime, husband and wife. We both have a background as developers while Andreea is also an artist and recipe developer. She is the one who creates all bits and pieces of art work and the content of our app.

If we were to reveal our top three superpowers, they would be us being a vegan couple, passionate software developers and health enthusiasts. Our journey began in our kitchen, with a smoothie bowl and a strong belief that through our food choices we can improve our health, fight climate change and save the animals.

As people become more and more informed about the consequences of their food choices, the interest in a vegan lifestyle began to grow. However, transitioning to a vegan diet can be challenging and difficult to achieve when you don’t know where to start. We’ve experienced this ourselves and saw it among our friends and family. However, turning to a more plant-based lifestyle doesn’t have to be neither complicated nor drastic.

We could not think of a better use of our superpowers than to empower other people to cook easy and vibrant plant-based meals. This is why Plantiful came to life!

About Plantiful

Plantiful makes cooking and meal planning accessible to everyone through guided recipes and meal plans. We believe food speaks louder than words that’s why, our recipes are colorful and tasty, ready to impress even the more picky ones.

Each recipe comes with detailed nutrition information, a step-by-step guide and in handy unit of measures alternatives for each ingredient. So, the next time you don’t have a “cup” at hand, simply tap the ingredient and a list of alternatives will show up, from tablespoons to grams or ounces.

Predefined meal plans are ready to be scheduled and enjoyed. The more curious ones can create their own plans using our collection of recipes while the app computes the nutritional information, generates the shopping list and adapts the recipes for a certain number of people. Meal planning is simple, quick and easy to follow.

The shopping list can be conveniently generated from recipes and plans with the purpose of saving time and reduce the food waste.

With new recipes coming up every week, we want to impress our community and keep everyone engaged and motivated. Recipes are inspired by various cosines around the world and address different dietary requirements. They are easy to filter through tags such as “Asian-inspired”, “gluten-free” and many more.

Last but not least, everyone is welcomed on board, regardless their food choices. Just by adding a few meatless meals to our routines, we can make a huge difference.