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Plantiful is a growing collection of easy to make vegan recipes and plans.

Being vegan is a lifestyle, not a diet!

Join the culinary journey that in essence is better for your health, the environment and for our animal friends.

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Vegan Recipes and Meal-Plans

Mouthwatering plant-based recipes that are easy to follow, offering cooking tips and nutrition information.

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Detailed Nutrition Facts

Easy to understand nutritional information can help you take conscious decisions even when you are not an expert.
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Turn your recipes and plans into shopping lists with our one touch shopping list creator.
Plant-Based Recipes

Delicious vegan recipes

Plantiful is a living cookbook holding a growing collection of plant-based recipes carefully designed for a healthy and happy life. Our team is keeping up with the latest studies in the field to make sure we are all enjoying the benefits of good nutrition.


Meal Plans tailored to your needs.

Meal planning is a powerful tool with extraordinary benefits. In other words, it supports your need to maintain healthy eating habits by simply sticking to a plan.

Plant-Based Meal Plans
Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Information

Having easy to read and understand nutrition information can help you make the right decisions even when you are not an expert. All our vegan recipes and plans come with detailed nutrition information.


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Your shopping list is always one click away from being generated for all our plant-based recipes and plans.

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Our Reviews

Inspirational and revolutionary
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OMG THIS is not just delicious food, this is a whole eye opening moment for me. I’d tried different apps and websites before, but they all felt like they were trying too hard or were too disconnected from the type of food I really like to make, either with hard to get ingredients out with or with ideas that just didn’t get me going. With websites, I found it annoying to do the whole recipe thing in the browser. But Plantiful is a revolution for me! Thank you to Andreea and Andrei for really firing me up again with cooking! I don’t know these people, but they have been the first to really inspire me to cook with passion again, since turning vegan! This is on a par to when I discovered chef Bill Granger or Jamie Oliver (which I had more or less abandoned after my switch). The app itself is GORGEOUS. It’s fast, easy, its recipes ALL look incredible, and it’s super easy to set up your favourites or add your very own. You can scale the ingredients to make larger quantities. Plus, there’s nutritional information too! I love the Step By Step Mode too. Everything is just perfectly laid out. This feels like an Apple app, or from a company with a huge budget. But these guys are apparently a husband and wife team. To both of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have genuinely made a big difference to my life!
Pablo Davila
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It's useful if you are looking to change your diet. The app is fast and well designed.
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Really like the app, the recipes are eazy to follow, thanks to the “step by step” mode. I like that the recipes are healthy, the included ingredients are common, not some rare Himalayan herbs or something. Definitely worth a try!
Absolutely brilliant vegan recipes!!!
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Plantiful is no like the other apps of this kind, it’s a way of living. I have recently started using it and my lifestyle already improved. There are absolutely brilliant vegan recipes that can be easily made and boost your mood with each bite. My favourite recipe from Plantiful is Mushroom Burger. In many instances, vegan burgers are dull and unappetising but this recipe is a way better alternative from typical meatless burgers. I really recommend Plantiful!
Awesome vegan recipes
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Just download the app to get amazed by the colorful vegan recipes created by these guys. Even if you are not a vegan, you will want to add some of these meals in your day. The recipes are colorful, full of healthy, organic ingredients and the mix of spices used is just amazing. You will just want to try all of them. The application also provides some plans to use if you want to organize your meals in the day, which I find very helpful. Also, you can find the recipes organized by meals, so if you are just searching for dinner ideas, you will find them quickly. And the cool stuff is that all the nutritional information is available for each recipe, so you don’t need to compute it by yourself if you are a calorie tracking geek like myself. I am definitely giving 5 stars to this app.
Great guide
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What I needed! Delicious plant-based recipes easy to make.
tata popii
Colorful app
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I’m loving this app! Its design is so intuitive and the recipes are so delicious! Nice work!
Bonne appli
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Très bonne application avec énormément recettes véganes !!! Bravo

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