Veganism on a Budget - 7 Easy Budget Vegan Meals You Need To Try

Following a Vegan Diet does not need to be heavy on your pocket. Yes, we are here to burst that misconception that veganism is a luxury that not everyone can afford. While you are cutting down on the meat and the dairy, you still have plenty of amazing, tasty, healthy budget-friendly vegan meals that you ought to try.

At Plantiful, we’re a team of 2, consistently trying to focus on improving our health, fight climate change and save the animals. The challenges of transitioning to a vegan diet and aspire to empower people to cook easy, vibrant plant-based meals on a budget. We believed that we could use our superpowers and created Plantiful keeping that in mind.

Plantiful has curated a list of our favorite low-budget vegan meals that we are sure you are going to love and would save you on your important pennies. Time to relish these plant-based budget meals that are extremely easy to cook and are for everyone irrespective of the budget!

Roasted Vegetable Bowl


Yes, vegetables not only look beautiful when put together but also taste fabulous!

This, ready in just 20 minutes roasted vegetable bowl has plenty of protein and other healthy nutrition such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This yummy bowl is packed full of flavor with budget-friendly ingredients like sweet potato, tofu, chickpeas, brussels sprouts, potato, and some equally yummy dips such as hummus and sauerkraut.

Roasting veggies altogether makes it easier to digest your vegetable bowl, enhances the flavor, and takes it to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Chickpea and Tomato Stew


This tomato chickpea stew is definitely going to nourish your cells and would keep your soul happy. It is very hearty and extremely easy to memorize. You can make it with lots of pantry items as a go-to quick recipe. It is one of the easiest yet flavourful low-budget vegan meals. We think you’re going to love it as much as we do.

To check out other easy vegan bowl recipes, you can explore our Planitful app. We promise to amaze you with some mouth-watering recipes!

Falafel Bowl


Want a budget-friendly plant-based meal that is also tasty?

Say hello to heaven with a bowl full of delicious greens, hearty veggies, olives, falafel, hummus, and tahini sauce. You’re off to a low-budget tasty Mediterranean delight. Falafel adds to the recipe with its texture and flavor.

To save you from spending extra money on buying falafel from the supermarket. We have the easiest baked falafel recipe on our Planitful app that you should give a try.

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Burrito Bowl


Are you in a hurry? Are you short on money? Don’t worry — you can still pull off a fancy vegan burrito meal with our easy recipe!

It is a flavorful and colorful recipe that we have put together with greens, hummus, olives, parsley-tomato salad, classic vegan falafel, and a variety of sauces that will blow your mind away! It is as healthy as is delicious. This healthy vegan meal on a budget consists of healthy carbs, plant protein, vitamins as well as minerals.

Red Lentils Chili


Red lentil chili cooked in one pot with only a few ingredients! A smokey, savory plant-based meal that’s high in protein and fiber. Making it ideal for cold nights and makes for a good vegan family meal on a budget.

It’s a vegetarian chili that feels traditional and packs itself with a good amount of protein. It consists of ingredients such as lentils, jalapeno, diced tomatoes. You can also make the chili your own way by adding your favorite toppings. Take advantage of the opportunity to use up some fridge leftovers as well!

Mushroom Stroganoff


This easy and comforting recipe that we have put together uses ingredients that are easy to find. It would not make a hole in your wallet. It is a perfect budget vegan meal to rustle up when you’re running short on time but still want a delicious meal. The blend of mushrooms and chock full of healthy wholesome ingredients make the dish satisfying. Mushrooms definitely rock this meal as they make. A great plant-based meat replacement that has a lovely meaty texture to it and a juicy flavor.

This recipe is healthy, affordable, and versatile as well! You can serve this with whatever you wish for – be it rice, quinoa, mashed potatoes, or gluten-free pasta. It goes equally well with all.

Oyster Mushroom Risotto


This is our personal favorite vegan comfort food recipe. It’s flavorful, refined, and fabulous for entertaining, but it’s also quite simple to make! All you practically require are a lot of mushrooms. Which makes it a healthy vegan meal on a budget.

Mushrooms are practically fat-free, low calories, and add a rich flavor to this vegan risotto. It makes for a fancy and sophisticated dish. With its process extremely simple and with its ingredients all budget-friendly. This recipe is super flavourful and we promise that you aren’t going to miss dairy.

If you love mushrooms, you should definitely try our juicy Vegan mushroom burger. Recipe that is equally easy to cook and requires only budget-friendly ingredients. To savor this fabulous recipe, download the Planitful app.

Get Feasting With Our Budget Vegan Meal Recipes

Plant-based vegan meals are naturally affordable and our recipes focus on empowering people like us to transition. We wish for vegans to walk this path effortlessly with flavourful experiences. Fueled with basic supermarket staples and not expensive meat and dairy replacements in the background.

Go on and try some of our best budget vegan meals. Now that you know the magic and what goes behind it. If you want to live an easy healthy vegan lifestyle. Planitful should definitely be your go-to app as we have some of the best secrets of enjoying veganism.

We love to hear back and would be delighted to hear from you about your experience trying out our recipes.

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