Mindful Eating - The Art of Conscious Eating

The opposite of Mindful Eating is Nibbing. Nibbling (munching on small, unplanned portions of food between planned meals and snacks) is a habit that most people have picked themselves and are often stressed about. This is where the body loses control of the “in-the-moment awareness of the food and drink” you put into your body and your food starts deteriorating your health.

For those of you nodding your head while reading this and can relate to it, we have a safeguard for your excessive eating disorder. Yes, this is where Mindful Eating comes to the rescue.

The majority of the people today are making a swift move from mindless eating to mindful eating as this concept is gaining popularity. People are coming to the realization that mindful eating really contributes to reducing the risk of chronic diseases, promoting more pleasurable meal experiences, and supporting a healthy body image.

What is Mindful Eating?

To put it simply, it’s the art of conscious eating and staying in the present to have a wholesome eating experience. Mindful eating has its stems rooting in mindfulness, a Zen Buddhist practice to self-calm and to be in the present state. This Buddhist practice of eating does not tell an individual to diet, or about giving up anything at all. It only focuses on experiencing and relishing food more intensely — especially the pleasure of it.

Mindfulness while eating is an approach to relish the food choices you make by using all your physical and emotional senses. It enables people to make mindful nutrition choices that are both satisfying and healthy.

It is the conscious art of focusing on your body sensations, thoughts, and feelings regarding your food without any judgment. The ultimate goal is to ensure that you have a more enjoyable meal experience and understanding of the eating environment.

Before we get to tell you how to practice it, it’s important for you to understand why you should practice it.

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Why should you practice it?

It considers the wide horizons of your meals:

Yes, it takes into account the 360 degrees of your food. It considers the meal in its entirety — From the roots of your food to who prepared it. It also considers the internal and external environmental factors that influence the way you consume. All these together influence the experience of your meal. Improvement in all these aspects can enhance your experience.

It increases your gratitude level for the meal:

Your mindful and thoughtful eating efforts slow down the pace of your meals. The slow place helps you to really pay attention. How your body responds to food and it indulges you to really appreciate the eating process.

It reduces the risk of chronic diseases:

According to research, this concept of conscious eating helps people manage chronic diseases better. It claims that mindfulness benefits patients with cardiovascular disease, depression, chronic pain, and cancer, and reports decreased stress levels and increased quality of life.

It improves your overall health:

Mindful eating is a unique way to improve one’s overall health. It helps to make conscious choices. Holds the capacity to battle depression, overcome anxiety, poor eating habits, food cravings, eating disorders, and helps in weight control as well.

It tightens your relationship with food:

It helps you gain control over your entire relationship with food and eating. In addition, when you’re aware of your surroundings and your food, it helps you enjoy it even more.

Gurus who Practice and Preach the Concept

Here’s an eye-opening Ted talk on intuitive eating. Industry expert that you should totally watch before you even get started on your mindful journey. Michelle May mindful eating Ted Talk focuses on how you can take charge over food. It explains why it is essential to eat — NOT out of emotions but out of the real reason of “feeling hungry”.

Here’s another piece of learning on this subject from Jean Kristeller mindful eating videos. According to Jean Kristeller, the co-founder of the Center for Mindful Eating, mindful eating has the power to change people’s attitudes toward food and eating, as well as their overall health, body image, relationships, and self-esteem.

Mindful Eating With Plantiful Meal Plans

Mindful Eating should be a flavourful and cherishable experience planned beautifully with meal plans. However, Meal planning can take up a huge amount of time and effort. This can kill the essence of the mindful eating experience. Mindful Eating Meal Planning doesn’t necessarily have to be tiresome. If you do it right with us — with Plantiful’s Mindful Eating Meal Plan.

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What is the purpose of Plantiful’s Meal Plan?

At Plantiful, we understand the sole purpose behind the plans before curating. With our Mindful Eating 3 Days Meal Plan, our purpose is for you to solely reach the state of full attention during your meal experiences by paying attention to the food you’re putting into your body.

What is the Mindful Eating Meal Plan all about?

To make your mindful eating experience flavourful and wonderful, we’ve picked the most colorful plant-based recipes for you to relish. This research-backed and tried and tested plan promises to develop a deep relationship with your food in the most balanced and sustainable way.

The plan also guides you with easy-to-follow best practices to get in the habit of mindful eating. Such practices are important for you to practice.Ffollow the meal plan to get the best of the plan. To know more about us, Visit – About Plantiful

Here are the steps to get started with the plan:

  • Choose the Mindful Eating Meal Plan

This FREE mindful eating plan caters to your food needs and leaves you with an everlasting experience for 3 days. The plan includes 4 delicious plant-based recipes (such as Cherry and Chocolate Smoothie Bowl, Thai Peanut and Quinoa Salad, Savory Buckwheat pancakes, etc.) for you per day, with their nutritional breakdown information for you. Once you have chosen this plan, you have the option to schedule it.

  • Time to Shop

It’s time to make your grocery list. All you need to do in this step is to decide which days of the plan you wish to purchase. Make changes to the list as per your needs, and you’re done!

  • Time to Cook and Relish

Begin your mindful journey by getting started on the easy to cook yet delicious plant-based recipes. Follow our plans and by savoring them to the fullest.

What are you waiting for?

Get on the beautiful exhilarating ride with Plantiful’s Meal Plans experience the flavourful journey it takes you on.

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